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Female silversmith makes elegant jewelry to accentuate wearer

In July 1979, more than 1,000 tons of solid radioactive mill waste and 93 million gallons of acidic, radioactive tailings solution flowed into the Puerco River from the United Nuclear Corporation in Church Rock, New Mexico.

Navajo actor Forrest Goodluck never expected that the film industry would be a big part of his life.

There are those who might say Dec. 4, 2017, is a date best forgotten. That is the day when, less than a year after it was established, President Donald Trump reduced the size of Bears Ears National Monument by 85 percent.

Two people standing on the roof of a hooghan suspended from helium-filled balloons floating above Mittens and Merrick buttes are depicted in an award-winning image.

“Our art is sacred,” Jonathan Curley said.

Navajo Nation Museum presents ‘Footprints Forward,’ sculptures ‘Nihe’iina’: Our Life. Our Culture.’

Cast members who dubbed the entire Star Wars movie into Navajo will be honored at the 2018 Indigenous Comic Con on Saturday.

Sixteen pieces of art created by Chinle Boarding School students in the 1960s will be on exhibit at the Navajo Nation Museum starting next Monday after making a 995-mile journey from Shreveport, Louisiana.

The Sacred Native Fashion Show celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Explore Navajo Museum during the Western Navajo Fair.