Shiprock students earn Native Alliance Scholarship


It’s a scholarship that’s funded from the pockets of alumni and Native American staff of Teach for America.

The small donations add up to a big scholarship. A big scholarship that is normally given to one student but this year there are two.

Two students from Shiprock received the award. Abraham Hobson and Rookie Hoskie are the 2015 recipients of the Native Alliance Scholarship.

The scholarship is part of the Native Alliance Initiative. The initiative was launched 10 years ago by Teach for America and focuses on partnerships with tribal communities.

Hoskie was originally chosen and given $1,000 but both of the students’ applications stood out so much that the initiative raised more money for Hobson, according to Ashley Sarracino, director of the Native Alliance Initiative.

“They’re both outstanding students,” she said, adding that their applications reflected their involvement with their community, school and culture.

Hobson will receive $600 and says that it’s the perfect amount to help him cover the rest of the costs he has left for school.

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