Casting call seeks actors for latest Hamilton film

(Times photo- Shondiin Silversmith)

Derrick Williams was visiting family in Window Rock when he heard about the open casting call. He's been trying to make it as an actor out in Los Angeles, Calif. Williams said the casting is different out there compared to this past Saturdays at El Morro Theater.

By Shondiin Silversmith
Navajo Times

GALLUP, March 27, 2014

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(Times photo - Shondiin Silversmith)

Kelsey Gregory from Gallup, N.M. auditioned for the leading female role Tanya in "Legends from the Sky." She read lines from a scene Tanya had with her best friend where she talked about math homework and writing a newspaper article.


Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself, "I could do that?"
Well, you may have your chance because Holt Hamilton Productions is hosting open casting calls in various locations in hopes of finding actors for the leading roles in the upcoming film, "Legends From the Sky."

"Legends From the Sky" is a sci-fi thriller that tells the story of a Native American veteran who returns home after the Iraq war to find out that his grandfather is missing and an unidentified federal organization has moved in and taken over his land, according to writer and director Holt Hamilton.

Signs and rumors of extraterrestrial activities are evident as our hero sets out to save his missing grandfather and find out what is really happening with all the men in black.

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