A community event

Ganado Fire District's Easter egg hunt offers something for everyone

By Shondiin Silversmith
Navajo TImes

GANADO, April 24, 2014

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TOP: Mary Roanhorse from Navajo Station, Ariz. walks towards an egg and gets ready to pick it up on Saturday in Ganado. (Times photo - Donovan Quintero)

BOTTOM: Joann Yazzie from Steamboat, Ariz. counts how many eggs she's collected on Saturday in Ganado.

H undreds of pastel colored eggs were scattered across the red dirt at the RJ Memorial Rodeo Arena in Ganado on Saturday as the community came together for a friendly hunt.

The Ganado Fire District hosted its fourth annual community Easter egg hunt this past Saturday and over 600 joined the fun.

"We like to give to the community," said Marcarlo Roanhorse, administrative assistant for the fire district. "We like to reach out to the community and we provide community events. Everything is based off our community because that is who provided our motivation to continue our service to them."

Roanhorse said that events like the Easter egg hunt "puts a smile on everyone's face" and that "puts a smile on our personal faces knowing that we're doing good for our family and community members. We look at everybody as a family."

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