Ganado man latest victim of identity thief

Navajo Times

Police Report, February 9, 2012

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A resident of the Navajo Reservation is the latest person whose identity has been stolen by a man wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service.

Navajo Nation Police and U.S. marshals went to the residence of Morgan Cleveland of Ganado, Ariz., last week to inform him that his identity had been used by Bobby Thompson, who has now been a fugitive for more than a year since allegedly raising more than $100 million for a fake charity that was supposed to benefit Navy veterans.

Bobby Thompson is not his real name, according to the authorities. Over the past year, he has appropriated a number of identities, all from the Four Corners area, in his quest to remain a free man.

One of the earliest he used was Elmer Dosier, a former deputy in the Cibola County Sheriff's Office who left in 1998 and died a year later.

He also used the identity of Ronnie Brittain, a resident of Gallup, and according to information made public this week, the identity of Morgan Cleveland of Ganado.

Thompson is in his 50s or early 60s, is 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and weighs about 160 pounds. He has altered his looks at times by changing the style of his hair, wearing glasses, or changing his facial hair.

He is believed to be a heavy drinker and has demonstrated a volatile temper on numerous occasions, police said.

Because Thompson is using identities stolen from people in this area, federal agents think he may be hiding out in this area or have some connection to a person who lives here.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Navajo police, 928-871-6113, the McKinley County Sheriff's Office, 505-722-7205, or the tip line for the marshals service, 1-800-4-WANTED.


Shonto man facing charges

Navajo police have arrested a Shonto, Ariz., man for trying to use his vehicle to harm another Shonto resident.

According to police, Jensen Jones, 42, beat up Nelda Achee, 34, on Jan. 24 at a residence in the Navajo Housing Authority subdivision.

Achee made it out of the house and into her vehicle and began heading toward Kayenta on U.S. 160 with Jones pursuing her in his own vehicle. At milepost 365, Jones hit the Achee vehicle with is car, causing both of them to spin out of control.

As soon as he stopped spinning, Jones got out of his vehicle and raced toward the Achee vehicle. He shattered the driver's side window with a silver handgun, but before he could get the door open, Achee sped away.

She kept going until she was able to find a police officer, 13 miles east on the highway.

Police found Jones and arrested him. During a search of his vehicle, a silver handgun was found. Achee was transported to the Flagstaff Medical Center for injuries she suffered in the collision with Jones' vehicle.


Red Mesa man stabbed

Security at the Four Corners Regional Health Center in Red Mesa, Ariz., notified the Navajo Nation Police on Feb. 2 that a man with stab wounds had been brought to the clinic by his family.

The man, identified as Arron Goodman, no age given, gave his address as one mile west of U.S. 191 neat the Utah state line.

A police investigation revealed that Goodman had gotten in an argument with Benson Chee, 29, of Teec Nos Pos, Ariz., earlier in the day. The argument escalated and Goodman was stabbed in the lower back.

Goodman was taken to Northern Navajo Regional Medical Center in Shiprock for treatment. Chee was later arrested at the same hospital's emergency room where he had gone for treatment of injuries he incurred during the altercation.

Police said the weapon used in the stabbing was located after the suspect told police where it was located.

Girl, 11, accidentally shoots self

An 11-year-old girl from Hidden Springs, Ariz., near Tuba City, was treated Feb. 4 at a local clinic for a gunshot wound. Police are not releasing her name because she is a juvenile.

Police said it appears that the wound was self-inflicted by accident and no foul play was involved.


Elder dies in trailer fire

An elderly Two Grey Hills, N.M., woman died Jan. 30 in a trailer fire.

Navajo police said the call about a trailer on fire came in about 9 a.m. As police were heading to the scene, they saw billowing clouds of dark smoke on the horizon and when they arrived at the site, the trailer was totally engulfed in flames.

Some people were hauling water to put out the fire and witnesses said three children had been removed from the trailer.

A baby whose hair was singed was being transported to the hospital along with a man, identified as Edison Hammitt, who had suffered smoke inhalation and slight burns on his right arm, the witnesses told police.

Witnesses also said that Ruby Salt, 73, had not made it out of the trailer in time and had died.

Police said there was no immediate determination of what caused the fire so it is still being investigated.

Suspected saddle thief nabbed

Navajo police have arrested a Coyote Canyon, N.M., man for burglary in connection with the theft of saddles belong to another Coyote Canyon resident.

Police said the saddles were stolen from the resident of Odessa Yazzie, 20, on Jan. 25.

David Clark, 54, was later charged with the burglary after he pawned two of the saddles in Gallup.

Police: Embezzler took $132,000

ALBUQUERQUE - Norma Mermejo, 53, of Picuris, N.M., was arraigned Feb. 7 for embezzlement and theft from her pueblo, according to the U.S. attorney's office.

Mermejo is charged with embezzling approximately $132,000 belonging to Picuris Pueblo between February 2008 and April 2010.

According to the indictment, Mermejo was employed as a file clerk in the accounting office of the tribe when she committed the offense.

Mermejo entered a not guilty plea and was released on her own recognizance and conditions of release pending trial.

If convicted, Mermejo she faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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