Murder-suicide being investigated in Sanders

WINDOW ROCK, January 3, 2013

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D etails were still sketchy on Wednesday but Navajo police are investigating a murder-suicide that occurred in the Sanders area on New Year's Eve.

Apache County Sheriff Office officials said the primary investigatory agency on the matter is the Navajo police. Officials in the Navajo Police Department in Window Rock said they were still waiting to see the report.

No names have been released but the Apache County Sheriff's Office said that a husband murdered his wife and then committed suicide. Navajo police on Tuesday were still interviewing people in the area to determine a reason behind the events.

Dogs, responsible For killing Ramah boy, are euthanized

Officials for the Grants Animal Control Department said they euthanized eight dogs on Friday that had been picked up by animal control officials after a dog attack killed Tomas Jay Henio, 8, on Dec. 27.

A police report said that the youth was attacked by the dogs near his home in Pine Hill.

Some of the dogs were listed as strays but others belonged to family members. No reason was given for the dog attack.

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