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One Mexican national married to a Navajo had a productive business on the Navajo Nation but was detained and deported in Gallup, when they came to pick up supplies. When they get deported, it heavily impacts the Navajo children and spouse they leave behind.

Based on the aircraft and uniforms/clothing, my guess is the mid-1950s as Nellis AFB had an administrative C-47 assigned during that period which may be the tie-in.

My grandmas and aunties showed up today ready to work, only to be turned away at a locked gate.

To know the word oxymoron the dictionary has a picture of Naat’a’aanii Development Corporation.

I, too, experienced racial discrimination by Mary Jane Eastin, who was my AP English teacher my senior year of high school. During an in-class assignment, we read a poem containing vivid imagery of a snake-like creature.

Throughout the history of literature, people of one culture have studied other cultures — sometimes critically, but often in an authentic effort to expose the beauty and authenticity of the subject culture. Is this bad?

PNM’s Ron Darnell recently wrote about nuclear energy as clean and abundant energy source with a carbon-free footprint. But this idea of “clean nuclear” is a myth.

We are faced with so many “why” questions when tragedies strike or when things do not go our way.

They should voice their own opinions about subjects around the Navajo Nation. The subjects they would like to talk about would be examples like education, community participation, respecting Mother Earth, and speaking our Native language further and other subjects.

“Indian princess,” “Pocahontas,” and war woops were phrases (stereotypical) that were said in front of, as well as directly to, many of the Native students at the event. These comments were made by parents that had come to visit NAU for parents’ weekend.