Poor leadership, no one to blame but ourselves

October 4, 2012

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L ike many Diné I'm disappointed in the poor leadership in our tribal government. This includes all elected officials and department heads.

We voted to reduce the council delegates to 24 in the hopes they would be responsive to the cries of our Diné.

This whole administration in their four-year term will have spent well over $55 million dollars and there is little to show for their dysfunctional leadership.

There is no one to blame, but ourselves because we wanted them to solve all our problems. Those elected or hired to head departments believe that money can solve any problem. It becomes easy for them to spend and easier to stuff money into their own pockets. So as Diné we continue to re-elect and hire crooks, criminals, thieves and hooligans to provide leadership. We have no laws on our books to prosecute those who steal, embezzle or get rich off our Diné by giving away our resources. Good leadership would solve that problem easily.

This dysfunctional leadership is not telling us of coming storms when all our natural resources (coal, natural gas, oil and water) are shut down or taken from us in the name of national security and environmental quality. We export oil, but our gasoline prices will soar to $9 a gallon and our coal fired energy bill will double. This staggering world economy will devalue our $1.2 billion dollars in our reserve funds to nothing.

Why not give all the reserve funds to the enrolled Diné 18 years old on up. That $1.2 billion belongs to them. Let them spend it as they see fit to prepare for the tough days ahead. For sure it would get it out of the hands of political crooks.

Wally Brown
Page, Ariz.

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