Opinions for 2012

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  • Letters: Disappointed with leadership of two council delegates
  • Reporters Notebook:Water not enough for future generations
  • Letters: Round up livestock roaming along highways, sell them
  • Letters: Events slowly eliminated at Ceremonial
September October
  • Guest Column: Statements by Zah 'dangerously generalized,' inaccurate headline used to trick Diné people
  • Letters: Poor leadership, no one to blame but ourselves
  • Guest Column: Honor the emergence stories; the hair conundrum
  • Letters: Three misconceptions about the Escalade project
  • Letters: 'I wanted answers...' says former Coconino County Supervisor after being arrested
  • Reporters Notebook:Reporter's Notebook: The rez through African eyes
  • Guest Column: Parallels in politics
  • Letters: Escalade great opportunity, but respect sacred lands
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