Longtime county sheriffs Begay, Gonzales lose primary election

By Bill Donovan
Special to the Times

WINDOW ROCK, June 5, 2014

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For the first time in 20 years, McKinley County will have a sheriff whose name is not Gonzales or Begay.

Both Felix Begay, who is the incumbent sheriff, and Frank Gonzales, who has been sheriff of the county four times, were defeated in Tuesday's Democratic primary by Ron Silversmith.

Silversmith received an unofficial 1,751 votes to 1,644 for Gonzales and 1,534 for Begay, according to the results posted on the website for the New Mexico secretary of state. Election officials said there were still some challenge ballots to be counted.

There was a great deal of confusion Tuesday night at the McKinley County courthouse where the voting boxes were turned in and the counts were supposed to be released to the public.

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