Unofficial 2010 Navajo Nation Election candidates

Navajo Times staff report

WINDOW ROCK, June 18, 2010

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Here's a list of who's running for elected office this season, based on the new council districts:

Navajo Nation President

Western Navajo Agency

  • Navajo Board of Election Supervisors: Ruth H. Watson.

  • Navajo Board of Education: Rose J. Yazzie.

  • Navajo Nation Council:

    • Coppermine/Kai Bii To/LeChee/Tonalea/Bodaway-Gap Chapters: Wally Brown, Duane S. Tsinigine, Denis Tsosie, Evelyn J. Acothley, Kee Yazzie Mann, Robert Dodson, Tommy M. Tsosie, Nathan B. Kilgore Sr., and Vicky R. Begay.

    • Tsah Bii Kin/Navajo Mountain/Shonto/Oljato Chapters: Lena Manheimer, Marie S. Holiday, Lynette Willie, Jonathan Nez, and Herman Daniels Jr.

    • Cameron/Coalmine Canyon/Leupp/Tolani Lake/Birdsprings Chapters: Jack Colorado, Kenneth Nez, Leonard Chee, Walter Phelps, Donald Price, and Freddie Howard.

    • To Nanees Dizi Chapter: Raymond Maxx, Hope MacDonald LoneTree, Bobby Robbins Sr., and Joshua Lavar Butler.

    • Chilchinbeto/Dennehotso/Kayenta Chapters: Stanley S. Clitso, Albert Bailey, Mary Keahey, Katherine Benally, and Albert Page Tinhorn.

Shiprock Agency

  • Navajo Board of Election Supervisors: Paul J. George, Wytona Kellywood, James D. Atcitty, George Atcitty, and Wallace Charley.

  • Navajo Board of Education: Bernadette Todacheene, Kado Holiday and Albert Davis.

  • Navajo Nation Council:

    • Shiprock Chapter: Russell Lewis, Pete Ken Atcitty, Leonard Anthony, Russell Begaye, and Virgil L. Kirk Jr.

    • Mexican Water/To Likan/Teecnospos/Aneth/Red Mesa Chapters: Davis Filfred, Kenneth Maryboy, Woody Lee, Russell Gould, John Billie, Melvin Willie, and Earl R. Lee.

    • Toadlena-Two Grey Hills/Red Valley/Tsealnasoztll/Sheepsprings/Beclabito/Gadiiahi-Tokoi/Cove Chapters: Harry Descheenie Jr., Stanley Hardy, JC Begay, Irvin Tyler, Phillip Harrison Jr., Wilson Howard, Edward V. Jim Sr., Harvey Begay Jr., Wilbert Ben Lee, and David L. Tom.

    • T'iistoh Sikaad/Nenahnezad/Upper Fruitland/Tse'Daa'Kaan/Newcomb/San Juan Chapters: Lorenzo C. Bates, Tony Silentman, Hearther L. Anderson, George Arthur, and Rickie Nez.

Fort Defiance Agency

  • Navajo Board of Election Supervisors: Lenora Y. Johnson.

  • Navajo Board of Education: Katherine D. Arviso.

  • Navajo Nation Council:

    • Crystal/Fort Defiance/Red Lake/Sawmill Chapters: Ralph Bennett Jr., Sonny Clark, Harold Morgan, Benjamin A. Begay, Genevieve Jackson, Rodger Dahozy, Orlando D. Bowman, Elmer L. Milford, Shawn D. Livingston, and Roscoe D. Smith.

    • Coyote Canyon/Mexican Springs/Naschitti/Tohatchi/Bahastla'a' Chapters: Hoskie Bryant, Pernell Halona, J. Tonny Bowman, Mel R. Begay, Willis Nez, Harrison Plummer, and Norman John II.

    • Oak Springs/St. Michaels Chapters: Curran Hannon, Ray Berchman, Theresa E. Kendall, and Jonathan L. Hale.

    • Houck/Klagetoh/Lupton/Nahata Dziil/Wide Ruins Chapters: Lorenzo Curley, Shawnevan Dale, LaVonne Tsosie, Tim Goodluck, and LaVerne Joe.

    • Cornfields/Ganado/Jeddito/Kinlichee/Steamboat Chapters: Alton Joe Shepherd, Jack Whitehorse, Benjamin Curley, Milton Bluehouse Sr., Larry Noble, Orlanda Smith-Hodge, and Jennifer Taliman.

    • Dilkon/Greasewood Springs/Indian Wells/Teesto/White Cone Chapters: Joseph Bahe, Omer Begay Jr., James Clark, Lee Jack Sr., Elmer P. Begay, Virgil D. Nez, Calvin Lee Jr., and Eula Christine Yazzie.

Chinle Agency

  • Navajo Board of Election Supervisors: Norman L. Begay.

  • Navajo Board of Education: Jimmie C. Begay.

  • Navajo Nation Council:

    • Chinle Chapter: Harry Claw and Leonard H. Pete.

    • Low Mountain/Tachee-Blue Gap/Nazlini/Tselani-Cottonwood/Many Farms Chapters: Johnny Naize and Roland Tso.

    • Forest Lake/Black Mesa/Hardrock/Whippoorwill/Pinon Chapters: Lorenzo Bedonie, Dwight Witherspoon, Bessie S. Allen, Raymond Joe, and Tim Begay.

    • Tse Chi zhi/Round Rock/Rock Point/Lukachukai/Tsaile-Wheatfields Chapters: Elbert R. Wheeler, Nelson S. Begaye, Thomas C. Tso, Leonard Teller, and Myron Harris Tsosie.

Eastern Navajo Agency

  • Navajo Board of Election Supervisors: Michael Coan.

  • Navajo Board of Education: Dolly C. Begay, Lena M. Draper and Marjorie T. Dodge.

  • Navajo Nation Council:

    • Huerfano/Nageezi/Whiterock/Lake Valley/Becenti/Tse'ii'ahi/Nahodishgish/Crownpoint Chapters: Danny Simpson, Harry Hubbard, Julius Elwood, Leonard Perry, and Tony Padilla Jr.

    • Counselor/Pueblo Pintado/Ojo Encino/Torreon/Whitehorse Lake/Littlewater/Casamero Lake/Baca-Prewitt Chapters: Hoskie Kee, Harry J. Willeto, Laverne Wagner, Ken Peterson, David B. Rico, and Leonard Tsosie.

    • Church Rock/Pinedale/Iyanbito/Mariano Lake/Smith Lake/Thoreau Chapters: Edmund E. Yazzie, Ernest C. Becenti Jr., Harold Joe Gray, Young Jeff Tom, and Ernest D. Yazzie Jr.

    • Tsayatoh/Rock Springs/Red Rock/Manuelito/Baahaali/Chichiltah Chapters: Ray Francisco, Gilbert Brown, Raymond L. Lancer Sr., Harriett K. Becenti, Herbert Long Sr., Arlene Nakai-Brown, and Charles Damon II.

    • To'Hajiilee/Alamo/Ramah Chapters: George Apachito, Lawrence Platero, Leo L. Pino, Clara B. Chicharello, Norman M. Begay, Cecil F. Eriacho, and Paul Platero.

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