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The Navajo Nation Council and president’s office is in discussions on how to handle the transition from the Begaye-Nez administration to the Nez-Lizer administration.

Veterans Day events honor past, celebrate life

50 Years Ago: Council considers constitution vote

No one ever thought it would happen, but this week 50 years ago the Navajo Tribal Council actually decided to give the Navajo people a chance to weigh in on what was one of the most controversial subjects of the past 30 years on the Navajo Reservation – should the tribe have a constitution?

The man who took the lives of three people and critically injuring a woman is identified as Anthony Bahe.

Four people were shot and killed early Tuesday morning in Tsayatoh, New Mexico, including the suspected shooter.

After a disastrous election in which at least 16 chapters ran out of ballots and handled it in various ways, the Navajo Nation Board of Election Supervisors late Friday fired Navajo Election Administration Director Edbert Little.

With a lead of 95 votes and only a few ballots left to be counted, San Juan County (Utah) Commission candidate Willie Grayeyes has asked for his lawsuit against county and state officials to be dismissed.

Confusion on the referendum question, lack of voter education, and lack of communication at rural sites are deemed the reasons the Navajo Nation general elections had major issues.

Willie Grayeyes sat on the tailgate of his truck on Election Day in Naatsis’áán.

Jonathan Nez sprinted to the finish line and is now, at 43, the youngest person elected Navajo Nation president.