KC's Mackey signs with University of Denver

By Sunnie Clahchischiligi
Navajo Times

KIRTLAND, N.M., May 15, 2014

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For most of his life, Christian Mackey has dreamed of becoming a Division I basketball player and now he doesn't have it.

On May 13, the Kirtland Central Broncos standout signed a national letter of intent to play DI basketball at The University of Denver.

Mackey, who helped lead the Broncos to numerous state championship appearances among a long list of accomplishments, said he has yet to awaken from what still seems like a dream.

He said after the University of Denver head coach offered him the full-ride scholarship he was speechless and still is.

"When he actually told us (he and his mother) he was offering a scholarship we were both pretty shocked. I think me more than her…" Mackey said. "I had to tell the coach I had to take time for my family but I actually had to take time for myself to soak it in. I realized I wanted to be a part of the Pioneer family…"

The 6-feet-5, 250-pound athlete is also a track and field state champion and football standout.

He could have easily performed well in any of the sports on the collegiate level but said basketball has always been his first love.

"Basketball has always been there for me, me and my dad connect that way. When I do play it reminds me of when I was small playing against him," he said. "My mom is a big basketball fanatic, she's one of the other main reasons why I love it. She had this very big tradition here at Kirtland and I wanted to carry that on at the collegiate level."

Mackey's mother is Tasha Begay, a former Kirtland Central girl's basketball standout and his father is Ronald Mackey.

Mackey's family held a signing party where family, friends, teammates and coaches were present.

Central Consolidated School District Superintendent was in attendance to read the national letter of intent.

Mackey followed by giving a speech where he thanked all of those who supported him, from family to his Amateur Athletic Union basketball coach.

Kirtland Central former head boy's basketball coach John Zecca was also in attendance.

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