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Remnants of hurricane expected for Western, 4 Corners

Remnants of Hurricane Rosa are forecast to reach the Navajo Nation on Monday or Tuesday with the majority of the storm in the Western Agency in north and northeast Arizona.


Many Farms bus involved in accident

A Many Farms school bus was involved in a head-on collision Thursday afternoon.


500 honored

Medals pinned on veterans, young and old, from all campaigns


Letters: Veterans director micromanaged Steamboat vets

On behalf of the Steamboat community veterans organization, we believe it is utmost important for us to expound on issues which need your immediate attention, especially when you have stated in your recent presentations that you support the veterans.


Prez’s vetoes raise time-limit questions

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye has exercised his line-item veto by striking 31 items from the 2019 Navajo Nation’s $767 million operating budget – but he signed the budget a day later than the 10 days allotted to him by law.

Guest Essay Opinion

From the publisher: First debate between Nez-Lizer, Shirley-Nygren is Oct. 16

The Navajo Nation General Election is 40 days away and that basically leaves about one full month for candidates running for tribal office to campaign and reach out to voters everywhere.


Nez gets OK to run for prez

Navajo Nation Vice President and presidential candidate Jonathan Nez is still “legally qualified to run” in the race for president as determined by Office of Hearings and Appeals Wednesday afternoon.


Medical transports spreading alcoholism?

In the nearly four years since Nahata’ Dziil won the battle to close down the Old Red Barn liquor store and persuade the Arizona Liquor License Board to refuse the transfer of liquor licenses to the owner’s business associate, liquor is still flowing in the community.


PV outplays adversity, KC tries to put pieces together

The Piedra Vista High volleyball team is no stranger to adversity.


Bus driver allegedly driving drunk with kids

A grandfather of several children who attend the Chichiltah-Jones Ranch Community School in Vanderwagon, New Mexico, said he “cried” for them and the children who’ve had to experience, firsthand, what it’s like to be in the same vehicle with a driver who is driving while intoxicated.