Church, volunteers repair roof for Lewis


Eddie Lewis, 68, of Tinian, New Mexico, was discovered recently by the pastor of Home-Based Church living with no electricity – with a power line a half mile away – and no running water.

Four church members and nine volunteers worked June 25 and 26 repairing Lewis’s roof. Most of the volunteers were loved ones and people that know him well.

Eddie’s family appreciates and is grateful for the help given by the church. His family plans to continue helping with plans for a connection to the power line and running water for his residence.

He has received no assistance from Community Health Representatives, the senior center and tribal officials. He is helped by his brother, Edward Lewis Sr., and sister, Betty Chavez. For water hauling, he is helped by Emerson Castillo, his clan uncle, and Joe Montoya Jr., his cousin brother.

The pastor of the church, Kevin Chiquito, and his wife, Rhonda, provide nonprofit home improvement services, food, wood and quilts to residents of the area.

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