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When the touring show “Beatles vs. Stones – A Musical Showdown” comes to the Farmington Civic Center next month, the Farmington High string quartet will join the professional musicians on stage.

Cellist debuts new works at national parks, visits schools

Clay Walker wows ’em at Fire Rock casino

Songwriters draw inspiration from the land, each other

The 10th annual Rock the Canyon Art and Music Festival was bigger and better than ever but getting to this point was quite a feat.

Native Guitars Tour makes its 6th stop at Gathering of Nations

Andrew “Buzzy” Wilson is no stranger to the Native music scene.

Sihasin is a Navajo band thinking with hope and reassurance.

Youthful success is a double-edged sword. Sometimes, you were just the right person in the right place at the right time, covered with this big dollop of charming naiveté you’ll never have again, and suddenly everybody has impossible expectations.

Most musicians love what they do … except for the money part.