Not too young to give back

Child of accident victim, a princess today, hosts giveaway

By Krista Allen
Special to the Times


Krystlyn Hannah Klain was only a toddler when her mother was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Today, she is 4 years old and she is reaching out in kindness to help and serve others.

Navajo Times | Krista Allen
Tonalea Head Start Princess Kyrstlyn Hannah Klain, 4, gives a gift to a girl during her houseware and toy giveaway event at Fountain of Faith Ministry in Tonalea-Red Lake, Arizona, in late May.

Many locals failed to turn up at her giveaway event one Wednesday afternoon, perhaps due to the high temperatures that day. But that did not stop Krystlyn, the Tonalea Head Start princess, from holding the event at the Fountain of Faith Ministry where she handed out houseware, toys and other donated items to those who showed up. Those who were given something thanked her and shook her little hand.

“That’s our love,” said Louise Claw Esplain, who adopted Klain and her two older brothers after their mother, the late Krystle Ann Klain, passed on. “We give, and you get blessings back – ajooba’ biyi’dę́ę́’ hak’ihojidlí.”

This is instilling positive character traits in children, said Esplain. The key, she says, is teaching children the importance of giving back early on. And the earlier it begins, the more ingrained these qualities will become.

“And that’s how I look at it, raising these kids,” Esplain said. “Since I’ve been with them, we’ve been blessed in a lot of ways.”

Krystlyn has done a number of things since she was crowned Tonalea Head Start princess last year during the 49th annual Western Navajo Fair. She has attended events, handed out holiday food boxes and turkeys, hosted food and toy drives, and even hosted a back-to-school event over the last eight months.

Now, she is hitting the campaign trail in support of Navajo Nation presidential candidate Tom Chee, the Shiprock Council delegate who is originally from Leupp, Arizona.

“There’s a lot of events that are going on (this summer),” Esplain said. “We still have time (to attend events before she passes the crown).”

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