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Diné plans to go to Mexico with deported husband

When Carlayna Holiday’s husband, Joaquin Gonzalez-Michi, received word that he was ordered by the courts to go back to Mexico by Jan. 18, she made the decision that she, along with their three young children, would go with him.


Tsosie’s election challenge dismissed

Council delegate Leonard Tsosie is ending his delegate career the way he began it: by taking it to the courts.


Brown, Redd still owe campaign reports

The Navajo Board of Election Supervisors has named those who have not submitted their primary election campaign expense reports.


Nez, Lizer partner with Bashas’ for giveaway

Lori Hardy came out to Bashas’ in Window Rock Dec. 24 to do some Christmas Eve shopping when she was surprised to see President-Elect and Vice President Jonathan Nez, along with Vice President-Elect Myron Lizer, giving out free turkey and ham.

Guest Essay

We owe it to the resilience of the past to be strong

A couple of months ago I found myself embroiled in a battle with this Texas girl, who attends Tarleton State University, and who owns a little online boutique with a hard to ignore site name.

Guest Essay

Bates hopes new Council will keep subcommittees

Incoming lawmakers with the 24th Navajo Nation Council will have many responsibilities to begin or continue a new direction for the Navajo Nation.


A long road for NGS lease payment

The Navajo Nation Council has up to Dec. 31 to decide whether they want the remaining lease for the embattled Navajo Generating Station to be paid to the Nation over the next 35 years


Only one election grievance survives OHA

After the debacle that was the Navajo Nation general election, those who lost their delegate seats have filed grievances with the Office of Hearings and Appeals.


Crowd smaller for second tree-lighting ceremony

To the sound of Christmas songs echoing off the Window Rock, Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye lit the massive Christmas tree during the second annual Navajo Nation Christmas Tree lighting.


For delegates, it’s travel time

It’s December, and for some Navajo lawmakers that means: Vegas, baby!