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Elections director fired

After a disastrous election in which at least 16 chapters ran out of ballots and handled it in various ways, the Navajo Nation Board of Election Supervisors late Friday fired Navajo Election Administration Director Edbert Little.


Election board: Poor communication led to ballot shortage

Confusion on the referendum question, lack of voter education, and lack of communication at rural sites are deemed the reasons the Navajo Nation general elections had major issues.


Nez: Youngest ever

Jonathan Nez sprinted to the finish line and is now, at 43, the youngest person elected Navajo Nation president.


Relocation explored, Hero Twins featured

Navajo Nation Museum presents ‘Footprints Forward,’ sculptures ‘Nihe’iina’: Our Life. Our Culture.’


Nez wins by 19,000 votes

Jonathan Nez sprinted to the finish line and is now the youngest person to be elected as Navajo Nation president.


Witherspoon resigns from Council to serve as chief of staff

Council delegate Dwight Witherspoon has resigned as delegate and will be taking on a new job as President Russell Begaye’s chief of staff for the remaining weeks of his administration.


High court affirms dismissal of Nez allegations

Vice President Jonathan Nez is still running for president after the Navajo Nation Supreme Court upheld the Office of Hearings and Appeal’s decision to dismiss allegations against him.


Late delegate’s aide sworn in to fill seat

Olin T. Kieyoomia was sworn in Thursday as Council delegate for the communities of Coyote Canyon, Mexican Springs, Naschitti, Tohatchi, and Bahastl’a’a’.


Man gets 50 years in courthouse killings

As a young mother Ashley Utley, 25, was finally reunited with her own mother, Sherry Quintero-Davenport, 45, after years of being forcibly estranged from her and the rest of her family.


Choice of site delaying construction of new GIMC

Site selection is the main holdup in construction of a new Gallup hospital, the Indian Health Service’s regional director told the Health, Education and Human Services Committee last month.