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50 Years Ago

50 Years Ago: Federal court mulls Mitchell’s attempt to overturn ban

The Ted Mitchell case ended this past week in federal court in Phoenix as Mitchell, the head of DNA-People’s Legal Services, continues to attempt to overturn a ban set by the Navajo Tribal Council which does not allow him on reservation land.

50 Years Ago

50 Years Ago: NFPI workers get a raise – 2nd in 6 months

If you were one of the 325 people who worked for Navajo Forest Products Industries at the beginning of 1969, you must have felt privileged.

50 Years Ago

50 Years Ago: Chinle students stage first sit-down protest

Taking a page out of the Black Civil Rights Movement, students at Chinle High staged the first sit-down protest on the Navajo Reservation.


Signs of change: Election, population shifts

One of the big events of the past year and one that likely will have an affect on Navajos for years to come was the election of a new president.

Guest Essay

Reporting from new home, with contacts, knowledge intact

If you are a regular reader of the Navajo Times, you may have noticed something different about my articles – the addition of “Los Angeles” to my dateline.

50 Years Ago

50 Years Ago: B&F OK’s raise for employees

The 1,200 or so employees of the Navajo Tribe received some good news this week: they would eventually be getting a raise.


Petition seeks constitution vote

A group of Navajos are once again trying to give Navajo voters a chance to determine what type of government should be in place here on the Navajo Reservation.


50 Years Ago: Students around the world ask about teepees, hogans

For a number of reasons, students in America, France and Germany became fascinated with the Navajo and their way of life in the late 1960s.

50 Years Ago

50 years ago: Page power plant proposal gets OK

This was, at first, expected to be a lot more controversial but the approval of a power plant in Page sailed through the Navajo Tribal Council with only nine councilmen voting no.


Halona: Short-staffing to blame for home-site lease delays

The head of the Navajo Nation’s Land Department, which again has come under criticism for failure to process home-site leases in a timely manner, said his office is doing its best despite budget cuts that reduced its employees from 150 to just 27.