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‘A true blessing’

People fill trading post book with their stories, memories


Official accused of using funds

Documents submitted to the Times seem to indicate Division of Community Development Director Carl Smith attempted to use New Mexico tribal infrastructure funds and tribal resources to add a bathroom to a cabin he owns in Mariano Lake, New Mexico.


Dene chief wants to unite Athabascans

In these days of polarization, “I feel the largest indigenous group in North America should be leading the way in coming together,” he said. “We should be supporting our people in a holistic way, equipping each other to face life’s challenges.”


Centenarian’s recipe for a happy life: Travel, read, eat

How do you summarize a century of life? Here’s how Lillian Lincheze Luján did it at her 100th birthday party Saturday: “I traveled. I read. I ate. It’s been a wonderful life.”


Mills: Tribal business can lead toward just society

Olympic gold medalist Billy Mills, Oglala Lakota, is a sought-after inspirational speaker in Indian Country. Generally he talks about how he overcame racism, depression and borderline diabetes to come from behind and win the gold medal in the 10,000-meter run in the 1964 Olympics — and he did some of that at the ninth annual Tribal Finance and Leadership Conference at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino


Teesto man convicted of murder

A Teesto, Arizona, man was convicted of first-degree murder, assault and kidnapping Tuesday in connection with the death of his girlfriend in September of 2017.


Grayeyes dismisses suit against state, county officials

With a lead of 95 votes and only a few ballots left to be counted, San Juan County (Utah) Commission candidate Willie Grayeyes has asked for his lawsuit against county and state officials to be dismissed.


Dzil Yizhiin leans toward Nez

Chinle voters were solidly behind their native son, Joe Shirley Jr., Tuesday morning, but it seemed that the farther you got from Central Agency’s largest community, the more support for Shirley waned.


Yes, Kayenta still has a vet

Like Mark Twain, who famously remarked, “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated” after seeing his own obituary in a newspaper, Jim Eubank has been hearing lots of rumors about himself.

Alert News

Navajo chapters out of ballots

With about an hour left until polls closed, the Navajo Times received unconfirmed reports that at least seven chapters have run out of ballots.