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‘A dirty job’

Female silversmith makes elegant jewelry to accentuate wearer


With ICWA under threat, supporters gather

If it weren’t for ICWA, which states that whenever possible, a Native American child should be placed in a Native American home…


Native actor didn’t expect films would be a career

Navajo actor Forrest Goodluck never expected that the film industry would be a big part of his life.


NACE denies Diné-owned makeup line

Ahsaki Baa Lafrance-Chachere had a dream of selling her skincare and makeup line at Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise. Unfortunately, this won’t happen.


Moving back to rez was turning point for Diné artist

“Our art is sacred,” Jonathan Curley said.


Sinema talks respect, protection for sovereignty

Former Navajo Nation Chairman and President Peterson Zah introduced U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., as “shi shima” to the crowd of about 75 for the Democratic Get Out the Vote Rally on Wednesday.


Garcia focuses on education

As an educator, Arizona gubernatorial candidate David Garcia’s platform focuses on supporting public education.


Diné men’s podcast racks up 200,000 listeners

Kyle Bahe-Martinez first got into podcasts because of his interest in professional wrestling.


Boys thrive with school’s hands-on learning

A group of young men and boys were outside of the Dzil Ditl’ooí School of Empowerment, Action and Perseverance helping keep the fire going for the school’s Navajo New Year celebration.


Special needs students caught in school-to-jail pipeline

When it comes to the school-to-jail pipeline, students with special needs are at-risk of getting swept up regardless of the Individualized Educational Program, 504 plans or diagnosis.