Crownpoint OKs ban on tobacco products

By Lane Franklin
Navajo Times

CROWNPOINT, June 12, 2014

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In the last few decades, over 2.5 million nonsmokers and 100,000 babies have died as a result of secondhand smoke, according to the 2014 U.S. surgeon general’s 50th anniversary report.

Crownpoint Chapter officials, in collaboration with the Oso Vista Ranch Project, have taken a major step to protect its community from this danger with a clean air resolution.

On May 20, by unanimous vote, the chapter made history by being the first Navajo government entity to prohibit the use of all commercial tobacco products. The bill bans tobacco at the chapter, places of employment, and public places within the Crownpoint community.

The tobacco resolution has since spawned another historical occurrence. This past Saturday, June 7, at the Breadsprings Chapter, the Eastern Navajo Agency Council approved it by a vote of 74 in favor and one opposed.

The vote will eventually implement the resolution’s guidelines across the agency’s 31 chapters, meaning that all of them will have this ban as well.

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