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At Senate hearing, Crotty underscores need for improved public safety

A group of Navajos are once again trying to give Navajo voters a chance to determine what type of government should be in place here on the Navajo Reservation.

If it weren’t for ICWA, which states that whenever possible, a Native American child should be placed in a Native American home…

For a number of reasons, students in America, France and Germany became fascinated with the Navajo and their way of life in the late 1960s.

The Burlington, Kentucky, man accused of killing a 26-year-old Diné woman appeared in a striped prison jumpsuit and in shackles during a preliminary hearing at a Boone County courthouse Friday morning. Now, this case will go before a grand jury.

When it comes to the apparent revolving door for alcoholics who end up at the Chinle jail, the police officers’ hands are tied…

Documents submitted to the Times seem to indicate Division of Community Development Director Carl Smith attempted to use New Mexico tribal infrastructure funds and tribal resources to add a bathroom to a cabin he owns in Mariano Lake, New Mexico.

A Kentucky man Monday pleaded not guilty in the stabbing death of a Diné woman over the weekend in Florence, Kentucky

After 11 years of service, Navajo Nation Auditor General Elizabeth Begay informed her staff that she will retire on Dec. 28.

According to the criminal complaint, Garcia pulled up to the victim while driving his truck. He got out, put his arms around the victim, and held a hard object to her back while telling her, “Don’t move.”