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According to the criminal complaint, Garcia pulled up to the victim while driving his truck. He got out, put his arms around the victim, and held a hard object to her back while telling her, “Don’t move.”

A 19-year-old Kayenta woman died Nov. 19 in a car rollover. Alcohol may have been a contributing factor

A school bus driver is facing felony child abuse charges after being arrested by Navajo Nation Police for being intoxicated and placing the children in his bus in harm’s way.

Former Dilkon Chapter Vice President Daryl Joe was found guilty of five charges of forgery by the Dilkon District Court of the Navajo Nation.

A one-year-old boy from Aztec, New Mexico, is recovering from a stroke allegedly caused by his abusive father. Quentin Mitchell, 35, of Aztec, was arrested on two first-degree felony counts of abuse of a child resulting in great bodily harm on Aug. 31.

Police in Flagstaff are seeking information about an alleged kidnapping and sexual assault suspect, who kidnapped an 18-year-old woman on the night of Sept. 10.

A Bureau of Indian Affairs’ K-9 officer seized 15.9 pounds of methamphetamine and 1.25 pounds of heroin on Interstate 25 on the San Felipe Pueblo Reservation.

The FBI and Arizona law enforcement partners are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying two violent casino robbers.

Piñon’s elite search team is on the job

A Phoenix man died Sunday after falling about 800 feet from the rim of Horseshoe Bend into Glen Canyon