Three children taken to hospital for possible carbon monoxide poisoning

BLACKHAT, New Mexico

Officer crawls under truck

Navajo Times | Donovan Quintero
Navajo Nation Police officers check the undercarriage of a pickup truck Friday night while investigating possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Navajo police responded to Speedy’s Convenience store Friday night to an emergency call of three children unconscious due to possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to patrons inside the store a red truck with a camper, which they said the victims were in, pulled up to a gas pump. When a woman ran into the store yelling the children were not conscious.

Navajo police arrived on scene and began providing immediate medical attention to the children.

Navajo police on scene, who began investigating, said the children were revived, but were transported to the hospital to get further evaluation. They said a gas can was found inside the enclosed bed of the truck where the children were found.

The victims were taken to Tse Hootsoi Medical Center in Fort Defiance.

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