Begaye, 5 others, file for president

By Arlyssa Becenti and Bill Donovan
Navajo Times


As of 10 a.m. Wednesday, five men and one woman have filed with the Navajo Election Administration for the upcoming election for president.

This includes incumbent President Russell Begaye, who filed on Tuesday. He is from Shiprock.

The other five are:

  • Dineh Benally, who ran for vice president on the Joe Shirley Jr. ticket in the 2014 presidential election. He filed on Monday. He is from Shiprock.
  • Emily Ellison, who is from Chilchiltah, New Mexico. She filed on May 17.
  • Nick X. Taylor, who is from Klagetoh, Arizona. He filed on May 17.
  • Tom Chee, Council delegate for Shiprock. He filed on May 17.
  • Tom Tso, who is from Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, and was the first Navajo Nation chief justice. He filed on May 17

Candidates for both the president and Navajo Nation Council, as well as the other races, have until May 30 to file their applications.

Filing opened last Thursday, making this the shortest time period for filing. The Navajo election office said it wasn’t worth keeping the filing period open for a month because most people file at the last minute.

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