Brown, Redd still owe campaign reports


The Navajo Board of Election Supervisors has named those who have not submitted their primary election campaign expense reports.

Navajo Times | File
Shawn Redd

The names include Navajo Nation presidential candidates Norman Patrick Brown and Shawn Redd.

Norman Patrick Brown raises his fist into the air and protests how heavily armed Hopi and BIA SWAT teams confiscated sheep in the Hopi Partitioned Lands. (Times photo – Donovan Quintero)

Then there are those who ran for Council delegate postitions: Dwayne Billsie, Douglas Kee Begay, George Apachito, Bill Spencer, Tom A. Yazzie, Willie Keeto, Jr., Arbin Mitchell, Norman M. Begay, Benjamin Bennett and Matthew Tso.

Candidates for other offices include: Charles Long, Board of Education; Shawnevan Dale, Board of Education; and Betty A Donald, Kayenta Township.

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