List of president hopefuls cut by 1


And then there were 18.

Navajo Nation election officials said Wednesday that one of the 19 men and women who filed as candidates for Navajo Nation president has been disqualified.

Lester Begay, a candidate from Whiterock, New Mexico, was disqualified, according to election officials, for ethics violations.

This still leaves 18 candidates, which is a record.

The list of candidates for president is as follows:

  • Kevin Cody, Piñon, Arizona.
  • Emily Ellison, Chichiltah, New Mexico.
  • Nick X. Taylor, Klagetoh, Arizona.
  • Tom Chee, Shiprock.
  • Tom Tso, Teecnospas, Arizona.
  • Vincent H. Yazzie, Tolani Lake, Arizona.
  • Alton Joe Shepherd, Ganado, Arizona.
  • Dineh Benally, Shiprock.
  • Rex Lee Jim, Rock Point, Arizona.
  • Russell Begaye, Shiprock.
  • Benny Bahe, Houck, Arizona.
  • Shawn Redd, Dilkon, Arizona.
  • Trudie Jackson, Teecnospas.
  • Hope MacDonald Lonetree, To Nanees Dizi.
  • Joe Shirley Jr., Chinle.
  • Norman Patrick Brown, Chinle.
  • Jonathan M. Nez, Shonto, Arizona.
  • Calvin Lee Jr., Greasewood Springs, Arizona.The Navajo Board of Election Supervisors is meeting today to certify the candidates for president and for the official drawing to see in what order they will appear on the primary ballot.

    That has already been done by the candidates in the other races by the various agency offices. The election office reported no disqualifications in the other races.

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