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Council delegate Dwight Witherspoon has resigned as delegate and will be taking on a new job as President Russell Begaye’s chief of staff for the remaining weeks of his administration.

Former Navajo Nation Chairman and President Peterson Zah introduced U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., as “shi shima” to the crowd of about 75 for the Democratic Get Out the Vote Rally on Wednesday.

As an educator, Arizona gubernatorial candidate David Garcia’s platform focuses on supporting public education.

Casting his opponent as a misogynist who believes “a woman belongs in the home,” candidate for president Joe Shirley Jr. gained the endorsement of one of the Navajo Nation’s most high-profile women at a meet-and-greet here Tuesday night.

Candidate for president Jonathan Nez said he is in favor of transitioning to a greater reliance on renewable energy, but not at the expense of Navajo jobs. He indicated there has to be a balance between the two.

When Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye vetoed the resolution for a referendum to increase the salary for president and vice president, he never sent the required letter explaining why.

Former candidate for president Vincent Harris Yazzie has filed an appeal with the Navajo Nation Supreme Court against the Office of Hearings and Appeals’ decision to dismiss his grievance against Vice President and candidate Jonathan Nez.

For the past 60 years, almost all the candidates who have become chairman or president of the Navajo Nation did it by getting the support of New Mexico voters.

Attorney General Ethel Branch’s legal opinion declares that President Russell Begaye waiting an extra day to sign the $767 million operating budget for the Nation is legal, but Chief Legislative Counsel Levon Henry says it is not.

Wives of the top two candidates for Navajo Nation president share their views on life, education, politics, family, and more.