Rock Point bull rider wins Lion’s Club debut


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Troy Tuni dismounts from the bucking horse after his ride on June 16 in Church Rock, N.M. at the Gallup Lion’s Club Rodeo. In the bull riding event, Tuni won the event with an 86.5-point ride.

The saddle bronc event did not pan out for Troy Tuni.

The Rock Point, Arizona cowboy got bucked off at this year’s Gallup Lion’s Club Rodeo, which was held June 14-16 at Red Rock Park.

“I finally got back into riding broncs,” Tuni said.

With it being his second try riding broncs at a rodeo this year, Tuni was not expecting a whole lot from that discipline. But in his signature event, the 19-year-old bull rider knew he had a chance to do well in his debut.

In previous years, Tuni said he had other rodeos scheduled during the Lion’s Club rodeo.

Last Thursday night, Tuni rode “Hee Haw” for 86.5 points as that score wound up being the top score during the three-day rodeo.

“That ride is what I was looking forward to,” Tuni said. “It was just nice and sweet. It is what I wanted with the bull riding into my hand. Everything felt good so I started spurring.”

With his latest win, Tuni said he’s building confidence for the rest of the summer season, something he didn’t have last season.

“I went on a slump last year after I pulled my groin,” he said. “This year I’m doing a lot better and I’ve been improving.”

Tuni was one of four bull riders who made a qualified ride with Tustin Daye finishing second with an 83-point effort. Quintin Curley took third with 81 points and Marshall Tsosie nailed down fourth place with a 77-point ride.

Daye said his draw made him work, as his bull got high above the ground.

“I felt him getting up there,” he said. “It felt pretty nice; I like getting on bulls that go up with me. He didn’t feel too strong and I had to stay with him.”

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