‘This is extraordinary’

14-year-old wins all-around at Kayenta 4th of July Rodeo


Standing by the trailer in rodeo grounds

Erynne Sells of Cow Springs, Arizona surprised herself by winning both the women’s barrel racing and all-around crown at the Kayenta 4th of July Rodeo. The 14-year-old cowgirl credited her horse Gizmo for winning both titles as she walked away with a saddle and a three-horse slant trailer.

The pecking order in the women’s barrel racing surprised Erynne Sells.

The 14-year-old Cow Springs, Arizona, cowgirl didn’t expect to win the Kayenta 4th of July Rodeo but she gladly accepted the trophy saddle that was awarded to her.

Little did she know that triumph would lead her back into the arena at the conclusion of the four-day rodeo as she was named the all-around champion.

“This is extraordinary,” she said. “This is very exciting. I want to thank my mom and dad for everything. They supported me through everything.”

With her parents, Clement and Anne Sells, at her side, Erynne made a mad dash to the center of the arena to accept the coveted three-horse slant trailer all-around prize.

“This was a complete shock,” she said as her eyes started to well up. “I’ve dreamed about winning this trailer since I was small and now I have it.”

And although she didn’t place in the breakaway roping, Sells earned the most money in two events, having won $2,581. She covered the cloverleaf pattern in 17.398 seconds, topping 68 other barrel racers.

“There were some ladies that compete on the INFR and I’m surprised that I went against them and I got this,” she said of her saddle. “I got to give it to my horse.”

Riding her tough horse Gizmo, Sells won the event by the slimmest margin, finishing nine one-hundredths of a second over Ruby Holgate (17.494).

“My run was pretty amazing because my horse just wanted to go,” she said. “I pushed him as hard as I could. We probably could have went faster but I have to give it to him.”

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